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Members of California LGBT Arts Alliance

LGBT Arts Organizations

  • a(e)romestiza project (San Francisco)
  • BLOOM Arts in Bloom Project (Los Angeles)



  • BROWN & OUT (Los Angeles)




  • The Center Long Beach (Long Beach)




  • Desert Rose Playhouse (Rancho Mirage)


  • The LGBT Community Center of the Desert (Palm Springs)
  •             website:
  • Frameline (San Francisco)
  • Highways Performance Space & Gallery (Santa Monica)
  • Men Alive. The Orange County Gay Men’s Chorus (Laguna Hills)
  • Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (San Francisco)
  • Queer Rebel Productions (San Francisco)
  • Theatre Out – Orange County’s Gay and Lesbian Theatre (Orange County)

Members of California LGBT Arts Alliance
If you would like to become a member, please send your name to:

  • Agafonova, Olga (Monterey)
    • Monterey Dance
    • We are gay friendly dance studio, we teach gay people how to ballroom dance. Our students participate in same sex ballroom dance competitions, showcases and other projects.
    • Website:
  • Aguirre, Valentin (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • Valentin is the Festival Coordinator for QueLACo. QueLACo is a nonprofit organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Latina/o artists dedicated to promoting the arts within our diverse community. As an organization, we strive to gain voice, recognition and prominence within the larger landscape of our vibrant arts world.
  • Alencastre, Dante (Los Angeles)
    • Film Producer/Director
    • Facebook: Dante Alencastre
    • contact:
  • Anderegg, Ron (Los Angeles)
  • Anthony, Adelina
  • Arcos, Dan (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • is Dan Arcos’s online portfolio for professional graphic design and his artwork.
  • Arredondo, Sophia (San Diego)
  • Atkins, Robert (Cathedral City)
    • website: writer/art historian/critic. Website provides links to projects of interest to LGBT audiences.
  • Balan, Lee (Palm Springs)
    • website:
    • contact:
    • I aim to create art that expresses everything I perceive. New art evolves from the soup of new technology, new materials, and social upheaval. Put simply, “everything is everything.”
  • Barnard, Sarah (Los Angeles)
    • website:
  • Beserra, Jolino – artist (Los Angeles)
  • Biron (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • 18+ Multicultural Male Erotic Images by professional photographer exhibited in Paris and San Francisco. Photos by BIRON have also been published in 3 books by Janssen Verlag (Berlin) and in several gay magazines including OG, Trikone, blue, aK, and XY.
  • Bottini, Ivy – artist (Los Angeles)
  • Brazell, Danielle (San Francisco)
    • website: Danielle Brazell is a performance artist, curator and educator. Her performance work incorporates text, movement and symbolic imagery to create highly visceral theatrical landscapes.
  • Brown, Hilton (Wilmington, DE)
  • Bruehl. Timothy (San Diego)
  • Byrd, David – artist (Los Angeles)
  • Cade, Cathy (Oakland)
    • website:
    • I have been a documentary photographer since 1971 specializing in lesbian and other queer community images. My early work is in black and white, have added handcolored images, and collages.
  • Carey, Scott (NSW Australia)
  • Castro, RIck (Los Angeles)
  • Chin, Lenore (San Francisco)
  • Clark, Phillip (San Diego)
    • Singer
  • Clarke, Carly (Pomona)
    • website:
    • My art revolves around my life and friends. I love doing portraits and sending out a positive message. my friends, whether gay, straight or whatever, are the source of my inspiration.
  • Cook, Michael (Knoxville, TN)
  • Corpstein, Nichole (Sen) Jeanette (Portland)
  • Curtin, Brian (Bangkok, Thailand)
    • visual artist (painter)
  • Dallmeyer, Robert F. CEM – writer (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Day, Greg (Palm Springs)
  • deLora, Eric (San Francisco)
  • Detwiler, Paul (San Diego)
    • Documentary filmmaker profiling the diverse voices of LGBT experience.
  • Diaman, Nikos (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • Art for me offers a glimpse into another reality. Above all I strive to present a fresh artistic vision.
  • Dinhaupt, George (Long Beach)
  • Dorsey, Sean (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • Trans/genderqueer choreographer and the Artistic Director of Fresh Meat Productions. Dorsey tours his original trans and queer-themed choreography nationally and internationally.
  • Dykewoman, Elana
  • Egan, James – filmmaker (Los Angeles)
  • Eisenberg, Jewlia
  • Elliott, Steven (San Francisco)
  • Emch, Cindy (San Francisco)
  • Epstein, AJ (Los Angeles)
  • Ford, Karen (San Jose)
  • Freeman, Gary – Director, Fairoaks Project (Los Angeles)
  • Fritscher, Jack (San Francisco)
    • website: . Free site of history, gay lit, homophotography, and video-connected site by California artist Jack Fritscher, who, according to GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco, is “the prolific writer who since the late sixties has helped document the gay world and the changes it has undergone.”
  • Galanter, Margit (Oakland)
    • Movement, performance, participatory experiments
    • website:
  • Gay Mafia Comedy Group (Los Angeles)
  • gesso, eddie (Oakland)
  • Gomez, Jewelle (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • Artist and activist, Jewelle Gomez has published 7 books including the double Lambda Award-winning novel: The Gilda Stories. She has lectured and read her work at universities across the US and in Europe.
  • Graham, Rebecca Lynn (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • Fusing dance theater with original music, SuperBigRockStar redefines hybrid performance, bringing a deeply resonant theater experience to our audiences.
  • Granfield, Amy (Eureka)
    • website:
    • Gallery of oil paintings by Amy Granfield, California northcoast artist, depicting the natural world: animals, birds, plants.
  • Grant, Judith (San Francisco)
  • Greenspan, Robin and Lacie Harmon
    • website:
    • We are the writers/stars of the lesbian romantic comedy “Girl Play.” The website features reviews and awards the film has received, news, pictures and a trailer from the film.
  • Ostolaza, Walter H. Guerra (San Francisco)
  • Gutierrez, Juan Ramon (San Francisco)
  • Haffner, Stephanie (Long Beach)
    • Brutal funny political folkpop songstress in long beach ca – guitar & voice – acoustic, electric, spoken word.
    • website:
  • Hammer, Barbara (New York)
    • Website:
    • Over 80 films and videos made during the past 30 years by the pioneer, avantgarde film and video artist, Barbara Hammer. Each work described with images, synopsis, reviews. Order forms available.
  • Hammond-Hagman, Hannah (San Francisco)
  • Hanson, Jerry L. (Palm Springs)
  • Hara, Marie (Granada Hills)
  • Harrison, Cindi (San Francisco)
  •        novelist and poet
  •  Haas, Shaleece

Other (non-artist and/or non-LGBT) Organizations and Individuals
Members of California LGBT Arts Alliance


  • Asian American Theater Company (San Francisco)
    •  contact: Chad Cornwell
    •  website:
    •  The mission of the Asian American Theater Company (AATC) is to inspire, nurture and promote Asian and Pacific American theater. Through thetheatrical development of new Asian American stories and artists, AATC challenges American theter to redefine itself to include rich, diverse plays from America’s Asian heritage. AATC has been in full operation since 1973, when it was born out of an initiative by the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) of San Francisco.
  • Autry National Center (Los Angeles)
  • Fowler Museum at UCLA (Los Angeles)
    • website:
    • The museum was established in 1963 by then UCLA Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy as the Museum and Laboratories of Ethnic Arts and Technology. Its first home was in the basement of Haines Hall on the UCLA campus.
      The goal of this new museum was to consolidate the various collections of non-Western art and artifacts on campus. In addition to active collecting, the museum initiated research projects, fieldwork, exhibitions and publications. In 1971 the name was changed to the Museum of Cultural History and by 1975 its collections, in numbers and in quality, ranked it among the top four university museums in the country, a stature it retains to the present day.
    • A large, state-of-the-art facility called the Fowler Museum of Cultural History opened on September 30, 1992, named in recognition of lead support by the Fowler Foundation and the family of collector and inventor Francis E. Fowler Jr. In 2006 the name of the Museum was formally changed to the Fowler Museum at UCLA.
  • George Billis Gallery (Los Angeles)
    • The George Billis Gallery shows work by both emerging and established artists. We continously host a number of emerging gay and lesbian artists in both our New York and Los Angeles Galleries.
    • website:
    • contact:
  • HAMMER MUSEUM (Los Angeles)
  • Latino Arts Network (California)
  • Naked Souls Artists Alliance (NSAA) (Oakland)
    • website: http:://
    • contact: Jerry Brown
    • For the past five years we have organized and promoted Artists’ (of color particularly) works, craft and performances. We curate a gallery exhibition / networking hub/ live performance show / Deejay dance hoot-nanny every quarter and have a artists alliance of over five huundred vastly talented creators.
  • NCLR The National Center for Lesbian Rights (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • NCLR is a national legal resource center with a primary commitment to advancing the rights and safety of lesbians and their families through a program of litigation, public policy advocacy, free legal advice and counseling, and public education. In addition, NCLR provides representation and resources to gay men, and bisexual and transgender individuals on key issues that also significantly advance lesbian rights.REACH LA (Los Angeles)
  • The Palm Springs Cultural Center
    • websites:
  • The San Diego LGBT Community Center, Women’s Resource Center Art Commitee(San Diego)
    • website:
    • organization email:
    • Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote, connect and support San Diego LGBT women artists.
    • contact: Claudia Lucero
    • The Women’s Art Committee is a part of our multi-faceted Women’s Resource Center at The San Diego LGBT Community Center. We plan, promote and conduct bi-monthly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender women’s art shows. In addition, we have had two large-scale, collaborative women’s art festivals the past two years that included a diverse mix of visual, performance and digital art. This year we conducted the first annual OUTspoken LGBT women’s poetry competition. It was three weeks long, included 18 women, 3 of which were chosen as show favorites by audience votes. The art committee also books local LGBT musicians to play at our various social events such as our women’s nightclubs. Currently, we are in the process of planning LGBT women’s craft bazzars where local artisans will be able to sell their handmade crafts. We are always coming up with new ideas that will enhance, promote and connect our artist community
  •  Sierra Arts Foundation(Nevada)
    • website:
    • Sierra Arts is the local (Nevada) arts organization dedicated to presenting and promoting cultural events, arts in education, art in public places and other arts programs as needed in our community. We provide facility management for gallery spaces, while giving financial and technical support to artists and arts organizations. Sierra Arts leads our community in assessing the cultural needs of our region and developing new programs that make this a better place in which to live.
  • The Center for Sex and Culture (San Francisco)


  • The Women’s Building (San Francisco)
    • website:
    • The Women’s Building is a multi-cultural, multi-service community center for women and girls. Our mission is to provide women and girls with the tools and resources they need to achieve full and equal participation in society. The soul, or ALMA, of The Women’s Building are our four key values: Awareness, Leadership, Mentoring, and Arts.


  • Arellano, Lucero (Los Angeles)
    • Manager, Multicultural Arts Development
    • website:
    • Nancy Rodriguez. Executive Director, Centro Cultural de la Raza. (San Diego)
    • “One of our goalsfor the Centro is to diversify our audience and programs. This year one of our targets is LGBT programming and audiences.”
  • Calonje, Noemi - Immigration Project Director, NCLR (San Francisco)
    • We are a non-profit legal resource center serving the LGBT community. We provide legal assistance as well as representation in certain type of cases. We have an elder program, a youth program, an immigration project as well as a sports project.
    • website:
    • organization email:
  • Canizares-Tanedo, Jilly (Los Angeles)
  • Ericson, Brad (San Francisco)
  • Hazzard, Wayne (San Francisco)
  • Scott Heckes, California Arts Council (Los Angeles)
  • Kitchener, Amy (Fresno)
  • McKay, Clint (Sacramento)
  • Nevarez, Rebecca (Los Angeles)
  • Alma Robinson (San Francisco)